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I am an American who has lived abroad as a missionary in Southeast Asia and Africa since 1989. I have mostly lived in Singapore where I am present based with my Singaporean wife, Jee Fong. I have served in numerous roles within churches and Bible colleges as a pastor, church planting director, and theological educator. I have ministered within some 15 nations in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Presently, I engage an active itinerant preaching ministry. I have also become recognised as an independent scholar in Pentecostal theology. On Facebook, I co-administer the 8,000 plus member group, Pentecostal Theology Worldwide. Since 2012, I have been a member of the Society for Pentecostal Studies.

In 2006, I received a strong conviction that I am called to represent the Pentecostal tradition. This conviction still burns strong. It evokes in me a sense of mission, passion, and vision. Let me share this with you.

Life mission

To preach the Full Gospel of Christ as Saviour/Sanctifier, Spirit Baptiser, Healer, and Coming King— for the unifying renewal of the global Church, saving of nations, and healing of creation.

Passion / Vision

Flowing from this since of life mission comes forth a vision that impassions me. Here it is:

  • The global renewing of pentecostal spirituality
  • And the growing renaissance of this tradition’s theological tradition
  • In ecumenical service for the unifying renewal of the Church worldwide and the greater glory of God.

Envisioning Pentecostalism as an ecumenically-aimed tradition

Given this mission, passion, and vision, I identify myself as an ecumenical Pentecostal. As such, I envision Pentecostalism as an ecumenically aimed tradition and spirituality. For me, this means three things.

  1. To begin, I believe God has called me to represent this tradition. Hence, to minister the Gospel, out of the historical and theological resources that define this tradition.
  1. Second, this is a tradition God has entrusted me with. It is a “deposit” that shapes my reading of the Gospel (Jesus as Saviour / Sanctifier, Spirit Baptiser, Healer, Coming King), and how I am obliged to preach and minster the Gospel.
  1. Third, I believe that discharging this trust, must be also in ecumenical service to the greater global Church.

This means two things. First, I recognise all church traditions as gifted with unique gifts of the Holy Spirit. I believe that God desires us to acknowledge that these gifts reside within our diverse traditions, and through the Spirit of fellowship, share them with one another. We do so for the global and unifying renewal of the one, holy, catholic, apostolic Church. Second, within these ecumenical aims of all Christian traditions, I recognise Pentecostalism as also, an ecumenically aimed tradition— communally gifted for the renewing for the renewing of all Christian traditions. And not only for the renewing all traditions, but for the renewing of all creation, within the saving aims of God.

I believe I have a part to play in this great cause. I thus also believe that this should define and navigate the ongoing outcome of my life. Believing I have a part to play in this great cause, to it I have committed my life before God. Both my wife Jee Fong and I are thus ready to go wherever its labour may take us. Hence, that we may fulfill this mission for the good of the global Pentecostal tradition and the worldwide Church, the saving of all nations, the healing of creation, and the glory of God.

Making known the liturgical beauty of Pentecostal spirituality

Since 2012, I have been a member of the Society for Pentecostal Studies (SPS, USA). I have presented papers in the 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017 annual SPS meetings. My presentations have been in both the Theology and Ecumenical Studies Interest Groups. In the process, I have published several essays, and a greater number of book reviews. I have new writing projects presently underway, and I am envisioning others that I aim to begin. This grants me a strong familiarity with the current state of Pentecostal/Charismatic scholarship.

Over time, I developed a particular interest in the emerging yet exciting field of Pentecostal liturgical theology. Consequently, I developed a dissertation proposal in this area for the PhD Programme of the Centre of Pentecostal & Charismatic Studies, Bangor University (Wales, UK). In December, 2016 I was formally accepted into the programme, and was scheduled to begin in April, 2017. However, I have not able to begin, as I still have not found a way to meet the tuition costs.

Regardless of the present setback, the dissertation title is “Towards a Pentecostal Liturgical Theology/Aesthetic and Practice of Sacred Time.” I am continuing to explore this area. I also strive to practice and apply through all aspects of my life, what I am discovering about the converging of Pentecost, liturgy, beauty, and Pentecostal theology. This includes how I practice my public and private life before God, how I preach and minister within local churches, and whatever I write about, and how I write. I believe I have a contribution to make in this area. A contribution for the good of the Pentecostal theological tradition, and the edifying of the Church, both within Pentecostalism and across the Christian traditions that comprise the worldwide Church through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the key of lighter themes,

I enjoy long walks with my wife, good coffee, and running.

I get inspired by all things beautiful.

I speak in tongues, make prayers, and write poetry.

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