“From Self to God:” Promise of an Advent Epiphany

“From Self to God:” Promise of an Advent Epiphany

“You are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.”  Matt 1:21

Today is the first Sunday of Advent.  In all our fixations with relevance, we Free Church believers have divorced ourselves from the life-defining rhythm of sacred time.  But in our contempt towards this rhythm, believers also unknowingly secularise Christmas.

Here is what Advent involves.  This is a season wherin we set ourselves before God, with the prayer that He birth within us a fresh epiphany of Christ.  Epiphany means, “manifestation;” a fresh manifestion of the resurrected Christ in our life.  We do this as the year turns, from the old to the new, in hope of a fresh visitation of the Lord’s presence. 

I’ve been lately reading from that classic devotional, God Calling.  Following is the 30 November.  I find it something of an advent promise:

From Self to God

“The Eternal God is your refuge.” Deut 33:27

“A placed to flee to, a sanctuary.  An escape from misunderstanding, from yourself.  You can get away from others into the quiet of your own being, but from yourself, from the sense of your failure, your weakness, your sins and shortcomings: to where can you flee?

      To the Eternal God your refuge.  Till in His Immensity you forget your smallness, meanness, limitations.

      Till the relief of safety merges into Joy of appreciation of your refuge, an you absorb the Divine, and absorbing gain strength to conquer.”


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