Fire words

“O God, my words are cold.  Oh that they were as flames!”  And thus did God answer me: “Surely shalt thou have words— from on high shall embers fall, sanctifying thy tongue a holy vessel; springing up a brook of waters living.


Fire-words thou shalt speak— fuelled by embers holy; when at my altar— Heaven thy mouth hath touched.”

– Improvisio on Amy Carmichael’s “Fire–Words.”


Fire words are curved; cold words straight to the point.

Set in stone not flesh, straight words boast precise measurements.

Their fine points are sharpened—

Good they are, for building high towers on the plains ofBabel.

With them we make names for ourselves.

With them we shame the “other” and jab those of a different tongue.


Fire words are curved; cold words straight to the point.

Kindled not from above but by cold hell fire be cold words.

With sharp edged cold words, we boast to the “other,” and uncover their naked self.

We polarise and demonise.

Cold words never curved but straight to the point; always lined;

At their ends are sharp points— which lead to war.


Forged from heavenly altars where seraphim fly and forever sing “holy” to Him who sits on the throne, come to our tongues— red-hot fire words!

These living words broaden our horizon, stretch our imagination, and empower our spirit.

They empower our spirit to envision, our heart to dream, and our mind to imagine new worlds never seen.


Like mustard seeds in the earth below,

God hides fire words set aflame by altars blazing in the heavenly realms.

But when the eyes of our heart His Spirit opens, we see by faith their rising.

Beyond the stars we hear the Word of God nullifying things that are, and birthing things that are not.

By the sacred commissioning of God Almighty, we help craft their dawning—

As destined heirs of the coming new world.


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