Lent is Pentecostal

Mindfulness of Lent can be a very and most Pentecostal and Charismatic practice of encountering God through the ministering presence of the Holy Spirit!  Here, I want to share some thoughts on how this is possible.

First, Pentecostals should certainly be good story tellers.  And it helps us to appreciate that the Christian calendar is structured in a way that helps script in our lives, ever new stories of God’s faithfulness.  Now all good stories comprise three parts:

  1. Setting.
  2. Rising tension.
  3. Resolution.  In this reflection, I suggest— a “new orientation.”

The Christian seasons of Christmas and Epiphany always dramatise the setting that starts a new year: We begin with thankful hearts, secure in the presence of Christ our King.  Lent however provides a season of “rising tension,” because it always leads to something still new in our journey with God in His mission towards creation— dramatised through the festivals of Easter and Pentecost.

Lent is a season of consecration.  It is a time of “tarrying” before God, because we know He is leading to the promise of Pentecost, and new directions through new outpourings of the Holy Spirit.

Lent is thus a time of remembering, and listening to the examples of Jesus.  In dong so, Lent prepares us for Pentecost.



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