Life before God / Coram Deo

Key words describing “life before God” (coram Deo)

1. Grace: God turns His face towards us, leading us forward— into the way of salvation (via salutis).

2. Turning to God: “repentance.”

Our whole life span in Christ is a turning to God.  Repentance aptly describes our daily life and the long direction of where through the empowering of His Spirit, God is leading us in the pattern of Christ.

3. Deliverance from sin.

Deliverance from sin is a daily and lifelong process of salvation through the sanctifying life of the Holy Spirit.  The consistent habit of confessing “I have sinned,” when the Spirit reveals a moral transgression— is crucial to a life of increasing deliverance and conformity to the patterns of Jesus.

4. The order of worship: doxology, consecration, empowerment.

Grace, repentance, deliverance constantly produces a life of gratitude.  Gratitude swells up into doxology.  Through doxology, God draws us forward to altars of consecration.  Empowering are the sacred spaces of consecration— because that is where we say, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”


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