The Way of Salvation

The gateway to paths of increase

Is the new birth, but not the fullness—

A baptism into the way of Salvation,

Where on paths of righteousness

The Spirit calls us

From outer courts to the holy place,

From the holy place, to the Holy of Holies;

Where filled with power—

The Spirit sends us back to the world.

Not a straight path

But a way of many returns to holy ground

Is this new and living Way;

From a place of thanksgiving, to a place of tarrying,

From a place of tarrying, to a place of empowering—

Through the love of God.

From glory to glory in increasing measure

Is this new and living Way

Where the wells of salvation

Impart new infusions of grace and glory—

Forming in us

Deeper affections of faith, hope and love.

From times of redemption,

To times of sanctification,

To times of Spirit baptism.

From times of Spirit baptism,

To times of working with God

For the healing of creation—

Perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.


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