Call us by name

With heavy showers, water our plains;

With autumn rains, drench our gardens;

With all former rains and all latter rains,

Give us good gifts;

Send Your Word;

Heal our wounds;

Renew our lives;

Call us by name.

From the abundance of Your household,

Fill the poverty of our spirit.

Grant thus by the power of Your Spirit

All these gifts be for us epiphanies of your love.

So with grateful hearts we proclaim Your praise.

From the overflow of perfect love, make us compassionate.

From the hope of Jesus, make us courageous.

As salt and light for all creation

Wherever you place us,

Make us grateful, compassionate and courageous—

To be whom you called us to be

Salt and light—

For the healing all nations

For the renewing of creation.


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