Praise God! Praise reports! / Prayer requests!

  • Airfare + main expenses met for Mar 17 USA trip to attend SPS mtg!
  • “Admission offer” received from Bangor University (Wales) to begin on 3 April: MPhil/PhD programme through The Centre of Pentecostal & Charismatic Studies. Second, this programme has been at the cutting edge of world-class pentecostal theological studies, so I am thankful to embark on it’s platform.


Friends and Family out there— The Good Lord is graciously teaching me through His “school of gratitude.”

FIRST: Through a surprising OVERFLOW of miraculous provisions, my scheduled March USA trip is now fully insured, thus enabling my attendance at the 2017 Society for Pentecostal Studies (SPS) Meeting (9–11 March) in St. Louis, Missouri (USA).

Before God and many of you, and a few very sacrificially involved people, let me say: thank you. I grow increasingly indebted to so many kind Brothers and Sisters, and Family, all over the world. Besides presenting a paper in one the Ecumenical Interest Group sessions, this SPS trip now has a second important purpose: to meet my doctoral supervisor for the doctoral programme scheduled to begin on 3 April.

SECOND: As just mentioned, on Dec 16 I received from Bangor University (Wales), an “admission offer” to the MPhil/PhD programme through The Centre of Pentecostal & Charismatic Studies.

Last October I shared how I submitted my application for this, and how my doctoral proposal was essentially approved (pentecostal liturgical theology and practice of sacred time). So with much thanks to God, I have now received an “admission offer,” and am scheduled to begin on 3 April.

Let me briefly state two things I am thankful about concerning this endeavour.

First, I am thankful to God for a doctoral supervisor who happens to be one of the finest pentecostal theologians worldwide. Across Christian traditions, he is known for evidencing a deep passion towards fusing pentecostal experience, worship, mission, and theologising— into one practiced way of life. I am therefore very grateful to God for how this has thus far transpired.


The prayer request I shall today share, specifically focuses on issues concerning beginning the Bangor programme on 3 April.

Here it is: last year I have applied for a scholarship that could substantially kick-start and underwrite this programme. I have not yet received a definite word on its outcome. I am still waiting.

Friends, Family, Brothers and Sisters in the Lord— may I seek your prayer for God’s miraculous help and favour in this matter. It would really be a huge miracle, yet for this miracle, we remain motivated to pray towards its coming.


As I have shared before, throughout the past year, Jee Fong and I have recognised that moving forward towards this aspiration, requires readiness to go forward wherever its labour may take us, to maximise its purpose and potential outcomes for the good of the global Pentecostal tradition, and the worldwide Church of God.

For sure, this renewed openness to God and His whole world has enabled me to frame this doctoral programme within a renewed sense of life mission. Namely: To preach the Gospel for all creation, fostering pentecostal spirituality and its theological tradition worldwide— for the unifying renewal of the global Church.

So before God, as best my wife Jee Fong and I discern, we enter this willing to go wherever He may send us in convergence to this doctoral project’s purpose and outcomes for:

  • The global renewing of pentecostal spirituality.
  • The growing renaissance of this tradition’s theological tradition.
  • In ecumenical service for the unifying renewal of the Church of God worldwide and the greater glory of God.

Besides the scholarship funding we are praying for, your prayer is also appreciated towards establishing:

  1. Other long-term strategies for meeting the yearly PhD expenses.
  2. Any new ministerial, church, organisational, or collaborative relations that may likewise help towards the short or long-term funding of this venture.

The peace of Christ be yours through the power of God’s Spirit,


For the healing of our Father’s world,

May we of many tongues

Through Pentecost—

Be made one

In Christ.

Before God: Practice mercy, cause justice, heal the world.