“Tell Me the Story of Trauma” – Your story is needed to combat sexual violence

If you are a Pentecostal/charismatic over the age of 21 and at some stage of recovery from sexual violence, consider contacting her for fully confidential research interview. By doing so, you can significantly help chart healing pathways for others who have or are similarly suffering from this silent epidemic.

Folks, my friend Dr. Pam Engelbert, ordained with the Assemblies of the God and a pastoral caregiver/researcher/author, is conducting a research project on Pentecostals/Charismatics who are finding themselves on a “healing journey” from sexual violence.

For more information, see her blog post on the following link:

As she mentions there, you may contact her at: healing101.research@gmail.com

Dr Pam Engelbert and her husband Rev. Lincoln Engelbert, are former Assemblies of God missionaries to Mongolia. Several years ago she finished her PhD on the area of journeying through grief and suffering, From a previous interview-based study, she previously published a book titled, Who Is Present in Absence?: A Pentecostal Theological Praxis of Suffering and Healing.

As mentioned in her blog, interested participants would engage a screening process that includes a questionnaire, followed by a brief phone conversation. For potential participants outside the USA, Dr Engelbert would arrange this via the appropriate online technology.

Should you be selected, she would then invite you to share your story through an extended online interview. You be given advance questions to both prepare for the interview, and insure a fully confidant sense of safety and security. Any obtained information would remain fully confidential and not be disclosed.

If you feel you can help with this study that is being designed to help combat sexual violence worldwide, do contact Dr Pam Engelbert.