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The Christian’s greatest marketplace challenge

The Christian’s greatest marketplace challenge is not creating more profitable or innovative products and services. The greatest challenge is being there without losing your soul to the fires of hell because the love of money has enslaved you.

Your greatest challenge in the “marketplace,” as it is at home and wherever God places you, is to let your light shine, that you may counter the culture of a crooked and perverse generation, by wherever you are— manifesting not the culture of 21st century material narcissism, but the higher revolutionary culture of God’s kingdom.


The poor shall become the richest

How easy it is within a consumerist-driven society, to mistake God’s affirmation of “sonship” for the illusive glamour and sparkle of accumulated things— thus forgetting that there is coming a day of great reversal when those who are rich in this life shall become poor and those who are poor shall become the richest in God’s eternal kingdom!

Heaven, hell; riches, poverty

Heaven, hell; riches, poverty and the coming judgment: Between riches and poverty, riches are most likely to drag a sinner down to hell than upward to heaven. Yet poverty is most likely to drive a sinner upwards to heaven rather than downward to hell.

Martin Luther’s Radical Grace

My fellow affluent first-world believers: Do we really want to return to Martin’s Luther idea of “radical grace?”  If so, know this:  Luther’s primary stress was not on our current fascination with “receiving” from God, but rather on— “letting” God!  Letting God’s grace flow down to you and sending you down to that which we think is “ugly,” that it may become beautiful.

Hence, Luther called people to exchange their “theologies of glory,” for the true “theology of the cross.”  For “theologies of glory” only look for God in what we immediately think or recognise as “glorious.”  Yet Luther preached that true Christian theology is always a “theology of the cross,” meaning— looking and seeking out God’s presence in the weak, mundane, ordinary, lowly, and the ugly so that the grace of God flowing down through us, can transforms such lowly things into beautiful epiphanies of God’s glory!