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Heads held high

I heal you to walk with heads held high

For I am Your God who saves you

To make you fruitful in harvest

With more than enough

To celebrate Jubilee


Good news to the poor

Freedom for prisoners

Recovered sight to the blind

Release to the oppressed

Declaring the year of My favour.
Today’s reading from Leviticus 26.


This is the day

Blessed are we who come

In the name of the Lord.


We thank You

Lord, for You are good

Your love endures for ever.

From Your enduring love

All righteous gates

Open up to us.


A willing heart You give me

An open ear I give You


I come to do Your will

For this is the day

You have made

We will rejoice

Be glad in it.



Speak Your calm

Drop Your dews of quiet rest

Till all our strivings cease;

Lord in our soul

Still the strain.


Through these storms that rage

Speak calm small still voice

That from this holy ground

Our lives speak—


The beauty of Your peace.


Improvisio; adapted from “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind,” by John Greenleaf Whitter (1872).

Make yourself an ark

“‘Make yourself an ark . . .
For my part, I am going to bring a flood of waters on the earth . . . ’”
Noah did this; he did all that God commanded him.”
I’ve been pondering Noah’s faith. He built the ark, though it was a long time before the rain fell. I then remembered that’s just what Hebrews says: “By faith Noah . . . built an ark . . . .”
He built the ark on the “conviction of things not seen.”
Sometimes God nudges us to build “arks,” though there’s no present show of coming rain.
Come Holy Spirit, Lord, Giver of Life.
Remember the poor who hope in You.
Renew all dreams birthed in the footprints of Jesus.
Resurrect all fallen seed— with the hundredfold blessing.

Give us more than dreams

In the Bible we read You hear prayer and open closed wombs.

Hear our our prayers.

Give us more than dreams.

Give us more than vision.

Give us open wombs.


Sprout fruit on all our trees;

Overflowing; more than enough.

Enrich the ground where we stand.

Send Your rain.