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A blessing of peace for pilgrims on the way

May the Lord Himself give you peace

May He in all places give you faith

May He at all times give you hope.

May God Himself sanctify you

May He save you all the way

Through and through.

May His Spirit fill you

May He power you

With love.

Changi Beach


Show us Your way

Show us Lord not a way, but Your way.

Grant us the open door that none can shut

For You have crucified us to the world

And the world to us.

So as you show us Your way

May we let your whole world

Set the horizons before us

That we may go and come

Wherever You send us

In the fullness of Christ’s blessing.

Reflections from Exodus 33.13f; Roman 15.23, 28-29; Galatians 5.14b; Revelations 3.8.

Epiphany / New Year Prayer II

On this first day of a new year, when history again turns closer to its birthing of the new age when the full glory of Heaven shall fill the earth as the waters cover the sea; May also open ourselves to the Spirit’s sanctifying work, that he may again empower us in behalf of the world around us, as “safe places,” unexpected though much needed, serendipitous, epiphanies of God’s glory— the presence of Jesus.


Epiphany / New Year Prayer

may the light of the Morning Star shine brightly upon your path; May the Eternal Spirit lift up your eyes to holy flames of love, where at the altar of new beginnings— the Spirit says, “Remove your sandals for where you now stand is holy ground.” May on this day— God grant you vision of His new world, making you for all around you, a joyful sign of His coming Kingdom.