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Fire words

“O God, my words are cold.  Oh that they were as flames!”  And thus did God answer me: “Surely shalt thou have words— from on high shall embers fall, sanctifying thy tongue a holy vessel; springing up a brook of waters living.


Fire-words thou shalt speak— fuelled by embers holy; when at my altar— Heaven thy mouth hath touched.”

– Improvisio on Amy Carmichael’s “Fire–Words.”


Fire words are curved; cold words straight to the point.

Set in stone not flesh, straight words boast precise measurements.

Their fine points are sharpened—

Good they are, for building high towers on the plains ofBabel.

With them we make names for ourselves.

With them we shame the “other” and jab those of a different tongue.


Fire words are curved; cold words straight to the point.

Kindled not from above but by cold hell fire be cold words.

With sharp edged cold words, we boast to the “other,” and uncover their naked self.

We polarise and demonise.

Cold words never curved but straight to the point; always lined;

At their ends are sharp points— which lead to war.


Forged from heavenly altars where seraphim fly and forever sing “holy” to Him who sits on the throne, come to our tongues— red-hot fire words!

These living words broaden our horizon, stretch our imagination, and empower our spirit.

They empower our spirit to envision, our heart to dream, and our mind to imagine new worlds never seen.


Like mustard seeds in the earth below,

God hides fire words set aflame by altars blazing in the heavenly realms.

But when the eyes of our heart His Spirit opens, we see by faith their rising.

Beyond the stars we hear the Word of God nullifying things that are, and birthing things that are not.

By the sacred commissioning of God Almighty, we help craft their dawning—

As destined heirs of the coming new world.


Take up the spear from where it has fallen

“Take up the spear from where it has fallen.

For like the eagle in latter days, I will renew your strength.

Young men faint and grow weary, but I will renew your strength.

I give you the spirit of my servant Caleb.

Stand before every river and call out to the God of Elijah.

Take up the spear and hold forth the Word of Life.”


“Take up the spear from where it has fallen.

I will shod your feet with the gospel of peace.  Your chest I emblazon with the shield of faith; Your head I anoint with the helmet of full salvation.

Take up the spear and hold forth the Word of Life.”

Crafting a new world

Out of this present world, God is right now crafting a new world and we have a part to play.  For every good deed done in Christ’s love will last for eternity.


The Holy Spirit is using every good deed that is good, just and true— to craft the new world which will endure forever.  So “let us not be weary in well dong for in due time we shall reap a harvest.”



Forged from fires where seraphim fly

“Forged from fires where seraphim fly;

I give you the sword of David’s Offspring.

Its blade mirrors the light of the Bright Morning Star, and the hope to which I call you.

By it shall you wage war through Elijah’s spirit.


Hold it forth over many waters;

For by it my Spirit divides the soul, laying bare the heart, making ready a people filled with visions of the new creation, yielded to me as signs of my kingdom.”

Love in action and truth

Beloved, in view of God’s tender mercies which He now pours out upon on us from the hands of Him who shares in our humanity that we may share in His coming glory— let us not love in words alone but in action and truth. For if we who have much see brothers and sisters who have no access to our wealth, and yet withhold from them the compassion which God has shown to us, how can we say God’s love is in us?


‎To you I will join many nations

“Shout and be glad O Daughter of Zion, for I come as a wall of fire around you and a flame of love within you. To you I will join many nations as brothers and sisters, for they will see the fire that burns yet does not consume.”


Nations will come to your light

“Nations will come to your light, as I make your righteousness shine as the dawn— You who keep my fast by sharing your table with the weak and forgotten, and seek the needs of the oppressed. They shall call you, Repairer of Broken Walls, and Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.”