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Surely the Lord was here

Surely the Lord was in the place and we knew it not!

Yet angels of God descend and ascend from earth to heaven;

Bringing all things in complete union with the inside of God—

Manifesting the eternal fellowship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit—

Revealed in the face of Jesus.


For from Him, through Him, and to Him are all things, and by Him all things hold together that do not appear together.  For even now through the blood that flows from His wounded side, and the Spirit whom He pours out fromZion— all manner of things that are now well, He is making well.


Forged from fires where seraphim fly

“Forged from fires where seraphim fly;

I give you the sword of David’s Offspring.

Its blade mirrors the light of the Bright Morning Star, and the hope to which I call you.

By it shall you wage war through Elijah’s spirit.


Hold it forth over many waters;

For by it my Spirit divides the soul, laying bare the heart, making ready a people filled with visions of the new creation, yielded to me as signs of my kingdom.”

Sacred streams

Of sacred living streams, our soul is thirsting; standing on promises of their torrent, we plead in Jesus name. Clouds filled with tender mercies; currents of love, pouring down from Heaven above. Showers of grace, an overflow of Heaven’s power— for these we tarry. In His presence looking above— to Zion’s mount; for from on high, Latter Rains He still pours out— to those who wait. – Epiphany’s End, 2011.


Grant us a forgiving spirit

Transfiguration Sunday, 2011. Of dashed hopes and lost dreams we remember. We also remember where we excluded and not embraced the other. Forgive us, and grant us a forgiving spirit. To you we come with an open heart. All these memories, overshadow with the brightness of your mercy and the sound of your voice. To you own heart, bring near our soul, and fill us with renewed visions of your coming kingdom.


Epiphany / New Year Prayer II

On this first day of a new year, when history again turns closer to its birthing of the new age when the full glory of Heaven shall fill the earth as the waters cover the sea; May also open ourselves to the Spirit’s sanctifying work, that he may again empower us in behalf of the world around us, as “safe places,” unexpected though much needed, serendipitous, epiphanies of God’s glory— the presence of Jesus.


Epiphany / New Year Prayer

may the light of the Morning Star shine brightly upon your path; May the Eternal Spirit lift up your eyes to holy flames of love, where at the altar of new beginnings— the Spirit says, “Remove your sandals for where you now stand is holy ground.” May on this day— God grant you vision of His new world, making you for all around you, a joyful sign of His coming Kingdom.

Falling shadows, rising stars

Falling shadows; rising stars. Night embraces earth; the midnight calm makes still the raging soul. Visions of the night; dreams of tomorrow; the seer wakens to the dawn of crackling stars.

Their works follow; like Eden’s rushing waters their voice made strong; in the new world, clothed as star-light— glory. Birth-pangs many— but in their soul, pathos stirs; the kingdom comes. Cosmic birthings not yet seen— to the “now” fused as one; veiled in flesh— jars of clay. In the twinkling of an eye; trumpets sound; stardust made luminous— immortal.