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Far reaches of the universe / Gustav Holst

Listening to Gustav Holst’s “Jupiter— The Bringer of Jollity” from his “The Planets” suite, inspires on how Easter and the coming resurrection— points to the coming redemption of all time, space and matter— the soon flooding of all creation with the Spirit of Justice, Love and Beauty through Christ our ComingKing.


The far reaches of the universe— I want to explore, and see the birth of a thousand stars.  I want to see the glorifying of all earth’s creatures in the coming new world of perfect love!  What we seek are visions of beatific wonder, the uniting of heaven and earth in Perfect Love.  “With unfailing love, He satisfies your longing, and beyond every star— establish your name in the kingdom of my Son.”


Surely the Lord was here

Surely the Lord was in the place and we knew it not!

Yet angels of God descend and ascend from earth to heaven;

Bringing all things in complete union with the inside of God—

Manifesting the eternal fellowship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit—

Revealed in the face of Jesus.


For from Him, through Him, and to Him are all things, and by Him all things hold together that do not appear together.  For even now through the blood that flows from His wounded side, and the Spirit whom He pours out fromZion— all manner of things that are now well, He is making well.

Anthems of the coming kingdom

In the time of trouble we wait for You,

Until from on high is Your Spirit poured out on us;

Flooding the wilderness with justice, and all valleys with righteousness.

For from Zion You open floodgates of joy and gladness;

Lifting up valleys up to the broad path called “Holy;”

Where barren wombs are healed and like golden trumpets—

Mute tongues shout anthems of the coming Kingdom.

The Lord is coming soon

I know the Lord is soon coming, and I look forward to His appearance upon the earth.  For when He comes, heaven and earth shall come together and the kingdoms of this world, shall become the kingdom of our Lord.

Crafting a new world

Out of this present world, God is right now crafting a new world and we have a part to play.  For every good deed done in Christ’s love will last for eternity.


The Holy Spirit is using every good deed that is good, just and true— to craft the new world which will endure forever.  So “let us not be weary in well dong for in due time we shall reap a harvest.”



I clothe you as fellow craftsmen

With outstretched arm, the Lord comes down to lift us back to the heights of Zion.

Having redeemed us from Pharaoh’s power, He leads us by pillars of cloud and fire.


We hear the trumpet blowing, and the voice from on high: “Behold I open to you doors which none can shut.  Now lift up your face to Zion and I will clothe you as fellow craftsmen with a spirit of wisdom, for the rebuilding of ancient ruins.”

Nations will come to your light

“Nations will come to your light, as I make your righteousness shine as the dawn— You who keep my fast by sharing your table with the weak and forgotten, and seek the needs of the oppressed. They shall call you, Repairer of Broken Walls, and Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.”