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North and South Winds, awake

North and South Winds, awake!

North and South Winds, awake!

Come down from His spice-laden mountains.

Dark clouds hide the sun, yet full they come with latter rains.

Come and awaken our love!

Blow on our garden that its fragrance may spread far and wide.


Far reaches of the universe / Gustav Holst

Listening to Gustav Holst’s “Jupiter— The Bringer of Jollity” from his “The Planets” suite, inspires on how Easter and the coming resurrection— points to the coming redemption of all time, space and matter— the soon flooding of all creation with the Spirit of Justice, Love and Beauty through Christ our ComingKing.


The far reaches of the universe— I want to explore, and see the birth of a thousand stars.  I want to see the glorifying of all earth’s creatures in the coming new world of perfect love!  What we seek are visions of beatific wonder, the uniting of heaven and earth in Perfect Love.  “With unfailing love, He satisfies your longing, and beyond every star— establish your name in the kingdom of my Son.”

In this moment, His kingdom comes

There is much I cannot see, darkened by this unknowing cloud.

Yet the wind blows and through all the earth’s beauty I hear the sound of a new world whispering my name.


Be still my soul, for in the sacrament of this present moment, His kingdom comes.  So I say Father, may your kingdom come; may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

”Victor” over our foes

“Victor” over our foes— death, sin and the devil, does the Spirit declare our risen Lord!

Victory does the Spirit of Perfect Love declare for all fish of the seas;

For all birds of the air, for all creatures of Christ ourKing!


Victory the Spirit declares for the royal image-bearers of God Almighty!

For the renewing of all creation— our shame He rids.

Our voice He now restores, and pours on us the glory of His name—

Jesus, our coming King!

Green leaves, blue sky, morning star

Green leaves, blue sky, morning star.

One of my favourite colours is green because so often as I look into the trees, into every leaf, into the forest, and into every plant rising up from the earth, I am seeing God creating new life and a new order emerging beyond this present darkness.


It is thekingdomofHis Sonbreaking forth that dispels the darkness and says to you who are barren, “What was lost, I am restoring to you.

I give you a new name.

I will give you a heritage— a posterity that is better than the women who bore ten sons.  What I give to you will endure even beyond the farthest star you see through the night sky, even to the morning dawn.”


I am also fond of blue because of the ocean, the sky, and beyond the sky are stars.

When those stars are no more, we will replace their brightness, for beyond them are the words of God.

An instructed tongue

The Lord God has given me an instructed tongue;

to know the word that sustains the weary.


Morning by morning he wakens my ear to listen.

He opened my ear, and I have not drawn back.

Therefore have I set my face like flint,

And I know I will not be put to shame, for He who vindicates me is near.

Now will I lift up my voice with a shout, and proclaim His righteousness in the assembly of His Beloved.

The faithfulness of Jesus

The faithfulness of Jesus—

Disarms the powers of fear, worry and shame;

Strips naked the illusions of this world’s pomp;

Bestows confidence in prayer, and empowers us with the Spirit of unflinching courage, unwavering tenacity, and undying love.